Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Chavez threatens war against Colombia

Hugo Chavez's Venezula and Rafael Correa's Ecuador ares threatening war against Colombia. The two leftist powers are upset over Colombia crossing into Ecuador in order to destroy a Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia aka FARC terrorist camp where FARC number two Luis Edgar Devia Silva aka Raúl Reyes was staying.

Colombia's President Alvaro Urbie has recently stepped up efforts to destroy FARC and other terrorist groups. So far he has been successful in weakening leftist groups and finalizing the disarmament of rightist/drug gangs like the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia aka AUC. The raid which killed Reyes is just the latest step in a methodical war.

The leftists have two reasons to rattle their sabers. First it has been a bad year for Chavez. He lost an important referendum to extend his power, the barely free media mocks him, and FARC is being difficult in hostage negotiations. Only the rising price of oil is keeping Chavez a float. The second reason for the aggression is that Colombia knows the truth: both Ecuador and Venezuela are actively supporting FARC. Colombia is much more likely now to do cross border operations and/or black ops against the two leftist powers.

Colombia's army is better trained and equipped than Venezuela's though Chavez has recently upgraded his air force. Hopefully this is just Chavez making noise trying to distract his people... hopefully.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of crap. The U.S. is itching to get at Chavez any darn way they can. He embarreses Uribe by getting hostages released (see photos of them hugging him) Uribe then kills the Guerr commander that was mediating the release of possibly more. Does Uribe not want Hostages released>? Ah ya, I forgot, he is the puppet and the puppeteer says "do not negociate with terrorists" Farc are NOT Terrorists.
AUC is.

Catholicgauze said...

AUC was a terrorist group but is no longer around. It is a shame your politics blinds you to the close to 800 people FARC holds hostage. How many more civilians do they have to kill until you call them a terrorist group.

david molano said...

Anyone like myself that lives in colombia understands that the Terrorist organization by the name of farcs has been killing & kinnaping colombians for four decades and we are sick of it. We thank president Uribe because after 40 years of suffering we finally see a light. My uncle was killed by the Colombian rebel gruop "las farcs" in an attemp of a kinnaped. Since the guerrilas has been weaken, colombians are no longer on fear to leave their house beacuse we know that the army of colombia is doing a good job keeping the order in the country & defending our cities. Comments like Uribe is a puppet for the united states is coming from people that don't understand what is like to live in a country where you are in fear for your life just because the terrorist goup call farcs want to achieve political power.

Anonymous said...

Catholic - that's not the issue. YOu've said the words "Hugo Chavez's Venezula and Rafael Correa's Ecuador ares threatening war against Colombia."

Those words are untrue. That's the issue

Catholicgauze said...

Um... did you read the hyperlinked news story? Yes they are.
My comment reply was to a person (maybe you, I cannot tell because of the choice of anonymous rather than an alais) who said FARC wasn't a terrorist group.

Anonymous said...

Chavez is an idiot and needs to come down. The United States, that's we the people, spend so much money in Colombia and get no help from Chavez. he's an ignorant ruthless over zealous and quite oil rich tyrant, that even his own people are so afraid of him that they dare not say what they think. This is a major problem and i look forward to the day that the united states goes after his ass.