Friday, February 08, 2008

Georgia Wants to Occupy Tennessee

Georgians must read Catholicgauze because a proposal in the state’s legislature calls for the annexation of the lost land given to Tennessee by geographical error.

I am not sure how this could be done without a) the unlikely event of federal government intervention and a treaty between the two states or b) the even more unlikely event of Georgia sending its national guard to occupy the sliver of Tennessee.

(Note: Hmm, the author of the
American Surveyor article which is the origin for the original post is from Georgia, perhaps it we are seeing the beginning of a cabal to occupy Tennessee! Tennessee bloggers like Instapundit should be up in arms)


torgo jr. said...

Seeing how this is SEC territory--what are the odds that this gets settled next fall when the Dawgs play the Vols?

elysabeth said...

I found your blog from a weird search. I am currently writing a children's series - the 50 states - giving facts and trivia things and clues to each state where the kids have to guess the state based on all the info given. I would like it if, as the books come out, you could host a virtual book tour or something for the launch. I am hoping the first one will come out about September and one a month after that for the next 5 years. We will have to see. Good blog (even though my stories are concentrating on the United States, it can never hurt to learn about other places through geography).

Adrian said...

Tenneseean Abu Muqawama certainly is up in arms: