Tuesday, February 26, 2008

European Union Surrenders in Kosovo

The Kosovar Serbs are in the process of rejoining Serbia as discussed before. Bridges have been blocked, police have defected, and the Serbs have de facto seceded from the country they never recognized.

The European Union was in Kosovo under a law and order police mission. That was until they withdrew because of violence from the Serbs.

The Balkans troubles were suppose to be the proving ground in which the European Union would justify its existence. Wars were suppose to be a thing of the past as European states gathered together and policed their own. Instead, the region proves yet again Europe's paralysis. The United States is needed to prevent utter choas as was the case in the Bosnia War and the Kosovo War of 1999. While Europe cries across the Atlantic for help do not expect the European supernationalists to stop their cries against American intervention elsewhere.


Jasper said...

The situation in the Balkan is quite complicated, and the EU is certainly not that brave. But it's really to simplistic to blame the EU and to praise the US.

You can also debate quite a lot about how the U.S. approach worked in Serbia. I was in Serbia last summer and saw the bridged bombed in the northern city Novi Sad. This city was quite anti-Milosovic before the bombings but turned quite nationalistic after that. The movement that finally overtrew Milosovic was a National business.

So far I'm quite sure the militaristic approach of the Us during the Bush-administration didn't make the world a safer place.

Goethe said...

You would think the Europeans had enough problems without getting involved in Kosovo. And now, a Muslim state in Europe.