Monday, January 28, 2008

Mexico's Multiculturalism Meets Bigotry

Mexico passed the "use and customs" law earlier this decade. The law allowed for limited self-governance of the various Indian groups mostly located in the southern part of the country. The law was praised as protecting native cultures.

The law, like many other multicultural efforts, has allowed reactionary values to trump the liberal values which allowed the reactionaries the chance to come back. Mexican Indian women have lost the right to vote and hold office in certain parts of the country.

May liberal values such as freedom win out against backwards cultures. However, cases like this are found throughout the world from the international level like Europe turning a blind eye to the oppression of Muslim women in the ghettos to small incidents like the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's policy of banning women from certain parts of the campus because of its openess to the mentally ill homeless.

Hat tip: Catholicgauzette

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