Sunday, January 27, 2008

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

This post is dedicated to the eleven million (11,000,000) people who were murdered by the Nazis. This individuals were massacred just because they were Jewish, Roma, Polish, disabled, homosexual, Jehovah's Witnesses, Serbian, political dissidents, and slaves in the Soviet Army.

On this day we mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day as a time to remember the slain in this horrific event, other horrific events in history, those who are being murdered today, and take action so something like this may never happen again.

The Holocaust Museum has the Holocaust Encyclopedia and a maps page for more information.


SignaVeritae said...

Wow, how can someone be that evil...

Adrian said...

Let's also remember the brave people that resisted - Bulgarians that resisted orders to deport Jews, Danes and French and Poles who hid and smuggled Jews out of their countries, Albania, which ended the war with more Jews when the war began, etc.