Monday, January 07, 2008

America Looks Beyond Gender

The map above comes from reader's blog Nat the Dem. Nat takes a look at states where the governor, lieutenant governor, or the sole state representative is a woman. It is pretty clear that woman have gone along way from the days when only the egalitarian interior West would elect them.


Anonymous said...

Interesting map. Although there are many women in highest of positions in the U.S., can a woman be elected as president, the highest position in the country? I think so. The U.S. has moved a long way in gender equality. However, I am willing to bet that we will elect a woman president before a black president or a muslim president. There are some minorities that are just not seen with the same equity as everyone else in this country. Although very few people will admit to this, I think it is culturally entrenched in our society. But I do believe that there will be a day in the near future where all people will not only be looked at but also acted upon as equals. I would love to see a social minority as president in this country, be it a woman, black, mormon, muslim, jew, etc.

Anonymous said...

Betty Friedan deserves massive credit for the equality women have gained. Interesting writing, by the way.