Friday, November 02, 2007

The Electoral Map: An American Political Geography Blog

A great find indeed for some of Catholicgauze's oldest readers. The Electoral Map is a blog which looks at the geography behind American politics. The blog is less than a month old but already it has some great posts. Be sure to check it out today!


Goethe said...

Cool map. I'm sure I'll be wasting too many hours looking at it in the coming year.

On another topic, I was at a conference at Dartmouth last week and came across a wonderful map by Herman Moll, "A New and Exact Map of the Dominions of the King of Britain ..." dated 1715. There was an illustration of beavers that I would love to get. Have you seen this volume? Do you know if the beaver image is obtainable anywhere?

Catholicgauze said...

Hi Goethe,
Who's your favorite geographer? Click here and enjoy

Goethe said...

I am a geography novice. Thus, I'd have to say that Catholicgauze is my favorite geographer.

Catholicgauzette said...

He's my favorite geographer too!