Thursday, October 18, 2007

Obesity Map of America

While the Germans may be fat, so are Americans. CNN has a frightening map of obesity in the United States. It was not so bad in 1985 but after 2001 obesity spread from Mississippi to the South then to the rest of the country. If the greater than twenty-five percent obese states were to vote for a Fat Party presidential ticket, the nominee would get 313 electoral votes (more than enough to win)!

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linda said...

I am worrying this problem. I wonder whether obesity is made as socially unacceptable as smoking, partly because of the sheer pressure the condition is going to have on our health service. Obesity is likely to lead to a wide variety of related diseases, chief among which are heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritic problems... All of which is self inflicted as a result of being overweight. A very tiny percentage of overweight people can blame hormonal imbalances for their condition but for the vast majority of overweight people this is not a valid excuse.
You could argue that being near a fat person isn't going to have a direct effect on your health, like being near cigarette smoke. But the effect of widespread obesity on our health service will be very damaging, since the availability of that service will be severely reduced in the future for those of us whose illnesses are not self inflicted in this way. If we made obesity socially unacceptable today, we might be a healthier nation in future..
Besides, to some degree, it likely to cause self-pity to many people! I've seen too many overweight people convince themselves that they're unattractive or abnormal. In my opinion, we should think it other way, I know a BBW on largefriendsdotcom, she is still very popular and her optimistic attitude really surprises me!