Monday, October 29, 2007

The Kingdom of the Netherlands versus The Netherlands

Here is something to file under interesting. When most people say "The Netherlands" they think of the small European country between Germany and Belgium. This is correct to a point. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is legally a federation of the Netherlands proper and the autonomous associated states of Aruba and Netherlands Antilles.

On paper each country in the kingdom is suppose to be equal. However, European Netherlands has about 98% of both territory and population of the kingdom, not to mention the cultural meaning of being the Netherlands.

There are uniqueness to each country, though. European Netherlands uses the Euro as the primary currency but Aruba has the florin and the Netherlands Antilles uses the gulden. European Netherlands official language is Dutch but Frisian, Dutch Lox Saxon, and Limburgish are also recognized. Aruba's official languages are Dutch and a creole language Papiamento while English and Spanish are also known to many. Netherlands Antilles recognizes Dutch, Papiamento, and English officially.


Anonymous said...

How is ziz confusing?

Catholicgauze said...

Maybe because ziz isn't a word.

Bryce said...

Interesting blog post, very informative.

I noticed you mentioned Limburgish and thought I might point out this great website in that language:

Limburgs wiki browser

Anonymous said...

Since last year (was it 10-10-2010) you now have "Country Sint-Maarten" to add to the mix, plus whatever Saba etc decided to do.

Enjoy :)

So It Goes

Leopardmask said...

ziz is a word: it's a creature of old hebrew legend, who is part of a trio with Behemoth and Leviathan. It's basically a griffin.