Wednesday, October 24, 2007

GPS Finds Secret Paths, Gnostics Angry

When one thinks about driving directions they usually plan the most simplistic route even if it is slightly longer. The maze of neighborhood side streets are avoided for the the main interstates, state highways, or major arteries of urban streets. Things are beginning to change however. The Examiner has a short blurb article on how GPS units are finding quicker ways from point A to point B that go through neighborhood side streets. Not everyone is happy though. Police are staking out these spots "and asking where they [drivers are] are going" as an intimidation tactics to keep down traffic. The mindset is only a select few are allowed to drive on "their" streets. Geotechnology, like all other technology, is libertarian in fundamental nature and allowing for egalitarian benefits. Not everyone likes to share; however.

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ITF said...

It's partially about planning. Some of us like neighborhoods where kids can play ball in the street and things are walkable. When basically pedestrian streets (without sidewalks or bike lanes or other things that allow for biped/bike/car co-existence) become highway substitutes that's an issue. On the other hand, I remember passing through towns with no street signs, because if you're not from there, you don't need to stop.