Monday, September 10, 2007


Catholicgauze has been painting the map read ever since he's been seven months old!

World 66 is a travel website and "sister" website to Wikitravel. So imagine Wikipedia meant for the traveler. Any place imaginable is available to be read about or edit.

A neat feature on the website is one can create maps of places visited. Above is my current states traveled to map but other ones available for customization are visited countries, visited Canadian provinces, and visited European countries.

Browse around and plan your next big or small trip today! (Hat tip: Blog)


deichmans said...

CG: Cool utility -- h/t to Jay/Soob for the vector. My introduction to 'blogging was on our "Mother of All Road Trips" (aka MoART-04 ,via WordPad text editor + digital camera + SprintPCS AirCard). So far I've logged 3 Mexican states, 5 Canadian provinces & territories, 3 Asian nations, 10 E.U. countries and every U.S. state except North Dakota.

Sean Wallace said...

A more elegant version of the same idea can be found as a facebook application: where i've been.