Sunday, September 30, 2007

Modern Changes Bring About An Old Threat

Dengue Fever is spreading throughout Latin America.

The mosquito-spread disease was once on the ropes in Latin America but it has been making a comeback due to changes in the world and Latin America. Up until recently the disease was primarily found in the villages and outskirts of society. However, urbanization of the rural poor in search for better jobs, the increase in travel, and environmental laws forbidding such useful tools like DDT have allowed the disease to easily find new hosts.

Similar trends are found in Africa with the spread of AIDS and Malaria from the country side into the big cities. While DDT would play no impact in combating AIDS, stupid cultural practices like casual sex, polygamy, believing sex with a virgin is a cure, and alike play a role.

The rise of these plagues has caused some to act. DDT is slowly being used again in Africa. Hopefully similar measures will be undertaken to save lives in Latin America.

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