Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Map of the Ethnic Violence in Baghdad and the War in Anbar

TDAXP links to General Petraeus' testimony and a map of the violence in Baghdad (above). The key violence has always been in the southern mixed belt of Baghdad. In the early part of the year there was violence in the northern Shia areas, probably due to Sunni reprisals. However, the Surge has managed to keep the peace in the dominated neighborhoods but when neighbor fights neighbor peace is much harder to control.

Side Note: a neighborhood in the southwest of Baghdad where much of the fighting is taking place is known as "Jihad."

The rest of the slides can be viewed here (PDF). Another map shows the war in Anbar. The fighting is along the "rat line" which al Qaeda uses to receive equipment and funds via Syria. Allying with Sunni chiefs has proven effective and violence is done as the supply chain is being shut down. It is important to remember though that al Qaeda is now trying to find other means to funnel equipment into Iraq.

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