Friday, September 14, 2007

GIS Geology Atlas of Iran

The National Geoscience Database of Iran (Quasi-Warning: The link leads to an Iranian government website) is the under construction warehouse for geospatial information on Iran. It contains databases on geology and pages concerning the geology, geography, natural hazards, and mines of Iran.

An in process development on the website the ability to use GIS layering to examine the various provinces of Iran. When fully implemented this will be a great research tool. Each province also has information regarding its mineral wealth, recent earthquakes, etc. The site is a little hard to navigate but once one gets the hang of it there is a gold mine of information.

There is even more to the database. A handy glossary, a job board for those who do not mind working in an Islamic republic right in the middle of the global war on terrorism, and a photo gallery. Make sure you see the geotourism of Iran album.

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