Wednesday, August 08, 2007

World Clock: Counting Change

World Clock is an interesting online device which not only gives you the time but also everything from births, to new internet users, to bicycles produced, to number of deaths due to leprosy. The numbers can be viewed in terms of the past year, month, week, or day.

Fascinating and sometimes sad numbers for the past day (so far) include 196,420 new internet users, 323,328 births, and unfortunately 41,302 deaths via cardiovascular diseases

The clock claims to use official numbers but as always one can poke some holes in UN et al's methods. Peter Russell, World Clock's creator, also seems to be a dabbler in New Age thought and methods. So do not take the numbers as gospel but use them instead to gain a general picture of change on the earth.

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Goethe said...

It's interesting that his deaths from "war" (and I guess he means all current wars) are far fewer than some people have alleged have died in Iraq since the Americans have been there.