Sunday, August 05, 2007

New Zealand Outlaws Fun

Michael Cullen and Trevor Mallard share a very intimate moment full of sweet nothings. (Picture from

Catholicgauze has just broken New Zealand law. New Zealand has passed a law making it illegal for media to use images of members of parliament for satire purposes. The law was passed after the media and others caught the law makers goofing off, sleeping, or showing the world who exactly is number one with their middle finger. The media is fighting back and vowing not to follow the anti-freedom law.

The law is much like the efforts of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela or the Alien-and-Sedition Acts of the early United States. It has no place in this world and must go.

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Flax said...

At right, Superman "4Real" Wheaton examines an official document, July 17, 2064.