Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Most Detailed Image of the Earth Ever

The most detailed image of the Earth ever has been released by NASA. The image is actually a combination of many images taken from the TERRA satellite. Take a moment and enjoy your home.


Winka said...

This is one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen; I feel like I'm in space, viewing the Earth from afar. Great link!

juancarloz said...

Why did NASA Photoshoped the lower left part of earth?
On the ocean i see the same clouds repeated twice.
What was NASA covering up?

Anonymous said...

please can i use this image for my gcse work at school. please email me back at

Catholicgauze said...

Since it is NASA it is open source so feel free to use it for anything you want.

Also, anything of my own can be used without permission as long as you cite it.

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the trouble with me said...

I used the photo to.
Thereis a link on my blog whith your site.
Thank you!!!