Monday, August 27, 2007

Miss Teen South Carolina is not a Catholicgauzette

Because this blog needs some more humor. With apologizes to South Africa's geographical education policies.


Deaner said...

I wish I had watched this earlier... I would have played it for my World Regional Geography class.

natalie said...

I feel oblige to reiterate that that's Miss Teen South Carolina...South, not North.

Also, a comment from a friend's blog:

The most frightening thing? She finished third-runner up. That means out of 51 total contestants, there were 47 other girls even worse than her.

torgo jr. said...

she has other, umm....attributes that make up for her less than coherent response.

subadei said...

Someone get in touch with Marge Spellings and inform her that millions of American's are map-less. Tragic!

The phrase "Dumber than a sackful of broken hammers," comes to mind.

Jude said...

Andy Hide wrote a video using her words for lyrics. It's appealing.