Saturday, August 04, 2007

Baseball Team Loyalties Throughout the United States

Map from Strange Maps

Strange Maps hits yet another one out of the ballpark with The United Countries of Baseball. The map shows the loyalty base of teams across America.

There are a few geographical/cultural changes that one could argue
  • Nobody in Florida supports the Devil Rays. Its all Marlins with a small Braves loyalty base leftover from the pre-expansion era.
  • Royals have lost much support to the Cardinals and others due to poor performance
  • Ditto the Rangers and Astros
  • The Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Superior, has always been closer to Wisconsin sports teams rather than Detroit's sports teams.
  • The Rockies tend to be liked all throughout the American Mountain West

On the other hand note how Pittsburgh and Saint Louis' support extends deep into the South. I'm sure Deaner of Blue-Collar Baseball agrees.


Deaner said...

Very nice... but where did you get this picture from? I mean what's the deal with the headless mannequin?

Yakyuu Shonen said...

Oh, but Florida is also awash in Yankees fans. While many like the Marlins, there's tons of migrating New Yorkers and they bring an immigrant community of Yankee folk.

Econ Splash said...

Hmm, although this map doesn't represent the complexity and entirety of the Yankees Universe, I'd still put it on my living room wall.