Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Russia and the United Kingdom Needs Babies

Russia needs babies much like France and Germany. A population growth rate of almost -.5% (that's bad) is fueled by a fertility rate of 1.4% (2.1% is needed for growth), poor medical infrastructure, and bad habits like alcoholism.

Vladimir Putin knows this and his Nashi or "Ours" group is setting up giant Woodstock-style rallies/orgies to encourage young Russian to create a new generation. Best of luck to the effort.

Meanwhile Britain is also having negative growth (note: the raw number growth rate is slightly positive; however, that includes immigration which is keeping the number afloat) yet environmentalist are calling for even more limits on families. The Economist magazine is wondering if children should be considered a public good.

Hopefully these two countries can figure out something to grow and not perish.

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