Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rise of Man Across the Globe

Journey of Mankind is a time-lapsed map which shows the spread of mankind across the earth.
The map shows triumph and tragedy's our race has faced. The start in Africa, the failed colonization efforts by the "Cain" branch followed by "Seth" or "Adam." The Indian Ocean coast was the main path of migration until the Mt Toba eruption nearly killed off humanity. Southeast Asia then became the new starting point for the third wave of human migration.

The map also has additional information for each stage. Note how the cycles of global warming and cooling impacted the spread and decline of humans from locations.

The proto-Catholicgauzes sure were a traveling group. It is a wonder that they managed to survive and thrive while others perished.

(Hat tip: Infonaut)

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Dan tdaxp said...

Very cool. The most dramatic moment:

"The branch that reached the Levant died out 90,000 years ago... This region was later reoccupied by Neanderthal man."

would have been better though if the demo didn't assume a peaceful transfer of control between humans and Neanderthals.

None of our related species, except the bonobos are peaceful, yet the idea of the noble savage lives on...