Friday, July 13, 2007

Iraq War Maps - July 12

As the Iraq War continues to dominate headlines a recent press release (PDF) contains some very good maps.

A Map of captured al Qaeda. Note how the activity centers on the greater Baghdad area and Mosul. Both these places are fringe areas for the Sunnis.

A Map of al Qaeda activity. The map is made by al Qaeda. Note how the map calls Shia "Rejectionists" and is equally against "Turks" meaning Kurds. The Arab al Qaeda has accepted the Western ideal of racism. Traditionally Islam has been a unifying religion but recent radicalism has introduced racial bigotry. The bigotry is spreading elsewhere including Sudan where Arabist Muslims are killing black Africanist Muslims.

Finally a map of Iraqi controlled areas of Iraq. Progress is slow but continuing. The southern areas, most peaceful with the exception of gang and some Mahdi army, is quiet. The Kurdish zones have also been relatively easy. The problem is in the Sunni areas of Baghdad and elsewhere.

(Hat tip: Gateway Pundit)


Adrian said...

One comment - the Kurdish north is not really controlled by the Iraqi Army, it's controlled by American-trained Kurdish Peshmerga (militias).

Anonymous said...

The US may have helped the Kurdish leaders and Peshmerga recently, but that is not true for the long life of the Peshmerga fordces. They have been around for tens of decades. Also the US military has not been engaged in any combat in the north since the war began in 2003. The peshmerga forces have been responsible in nothren iraq since the uprising of 1991.
FYI, peshmerga literally means to face death, as the Kurds faced death by opposing the ruling regimes in the Kurdish territorries.