Monday, July 16, 2007

The Holocaust of Women

Six million Jews and five million other "undesirables" were murdered by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. The world realized too late the horror of what was going on and even today tries to learn from what occurred and vowes "Never Again."

Unfortunately today genocides and other killings continue with very little action. One of the bloodiest actions is a rarely reported war against women. A recent study by the United Nations population fund states sixty million (60,000,000) females are "missing" from Asia. Abortion is the number one killer where pre-birth sex screenings give people like the Chinese and Indians the oppurtunity to prepare an abortion against "worthless" girls who bring nothing to a traditional family. India especially has problems with the dowry system. The system makes have girls a financial and cultural burden on a family. Up to half a million girls "disappear" each year in India.

The trends are frightening. In some areas of China there are 130 men for every 100 women. This leaves twenty-five to thirty million men in China without a bride creating a formula for violence. The sex-slave trade of women has also increased. Hindu girls from neighboring countries are being smuggled into India to serve as brides for men who cannot find local women to marry.

This holocaust is truly global in its reach. The Balkan countries in Middle American Hispano nations are seeing an increase in the use of abortion against girls. The trend is even reaching America where traditional emigrant families from China, India, and elsewhere still see girls as more of a burden and use America's liberalized abortion laws to "take care of the problem."


Dan tdaxp said...

In The Rise of Christianity, Dr. Stark notes that not only did the Christian prohibition against abortion and infanticide raise their demographic profile, but (as culture is transmitted through the mother) increased their power over time, as well.

Anonymous said...

So are we a superior culture because we abort both boys and girls?


Flax said...

Talk about an insane lack of foresight. How did it not occur to anyone that aborting and/or getting rid of girls leads to situations where you have 130 men for every 100 women? You'd think those numbers would have ended it right there. Frankly it makes you wonder how those countries' populations ever got so large to begin with.

Catholicgauze said...

You would think we humans would be smart and loving. Unfortunately not.