Friday, July 20, 2007

Geography Blog Stereotypes

New reader PPO and I discussed the various geography blogs on the internet. PPO managed to create the following stereotypes for entries on the blogs. I think they are all in good fun.

Geographic Travels with Catholicgauze! "Online Map of the Geopolitics of the Overlooked along the Oregon Trail who are Oppressed by Terrorists." Completely normal short post which sends everyone over the deep end. (Catholicgauze Comments: Case in point Northern Cyprus)

The Map Room "Family Raped, Murdered by GPS Navigation Unit"

Strange Maps "Another Unique Map for My Million-Bijillon Readers"

Very Spatial "Podcast of Our Roadtrip to the Second Life Universe"


mcwetboy said...

I gotta cut back on the navigation error stories ...

Dan tdaxp said...


Anonymous said...

Too true! What did I do to deserve this?! LOL!


Frank said...

Gosh! Is... is that how I really sound?