Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Failed States Index

Failed states of the world. Click to enlarge

Sudan, Iraq, Somalia, Zimbabwe, and Chad are the five most failed states in the world according to Foreign Policy's Failed State Index.

Variables include demographic pressures, refugees, group grievances, economy, human rights, and security. Liberia, Indonesia DR Congo, and Bosnia have made the most improvement since last year. Countries going down the tube are Niger, Equatorial Guinea, and Somalia. However, the Lebanon was the biggest collapse.

Failed states during Cold War were located in the "global south." Now as Central America is torn between globalization and failed Marxist policies after a decade of progress, most failed states form a cluster between middle Africa and Central Asia. TDAXP calls this the Afro-Islamic Gap. African and Arab kleptocracies are more concerned with personal gain while Islamists favor ummah (Islamist's version of globalization) versus neo-liberal globalization.

Now for a bit of cartographic criticism. Montenegro is shown as part of Serbia. It is time to update, Foreign Policy. Also, the decision to color shallow water differently from the ocean was a mistake. It has no purpose on a political map and it makes it difficult to tell what the status of Greece and other small countries are. (See, Catholicgauze did pay attention in cartography class way back)


Anonymous said...

FP's authors have shown a definite bias here by placing Sudan ahead of Irak. Not surprising, given FP's political bent.

Consider Sudan's GDP picture:


Catholicgauze said...

Well, a difference of 2.3 points is not huge. Plus, Sudan's GDP is only growing because of China oil funding, which is not being used to better the country, instead it is funding the genocide in Darfur.

Anonymous said...

hmmm. what about Greenland?

Catholicgauze said...

Greenland has suffered long under the cruel reign of ice... actually, its owned by Denmark and not an independent state.

Anonymous said...

"Greenland has suffered long under the cruel reign of ice... actually, its owned by Denmark and not an independent state."

The coloration communicates the idea that Greenland has the same status as Antarctica. But this is not true; the map is flawed.

Greenland enjoys home rule as part of the Kingdom of Denmark (similar to the home rule of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland in the UK.)

Either Greenland should be colored as Denmark, or Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland (and any other home-ruled entities within states) should be un-colored as Greenland is now.

That's what I meant by "hmmm".


Catholicgauze said...

Ah, now I see what you are saying. Bad cartography!