Thursday, June 14, 2007

Faces of the World

The average resident of Cologne, Hong Kong, and Buenos Aires

Photographic artist Mike Mike has the hidden gem "Faces of the World" project. The project combines a photos of citizens of some of the world's biggest cities and creates a mash-up "average person." Most cities has both an average male and female citizen. The map page shows cities currently available for viewing and those coming soon.

The cultural trends seen in the composites are interesting. The only cities not having the average female are Istanbul, Ankara, and Damascus. The taboo limits on women are evident. Then for more curosity there is women's hair style. I have not noticed any spatial patterns but a more in depth study could define cultural zones of hair length. (Hat tip: Platial)


sofia said...

isn´t that the same person on the picture? anayway beatyful


Catholicgauze said...

No, it just goes to show how much in common all humans have.

Eddie said...

That is a really neat site, kind of the common humanity we all share in its numerous guises..

Btw, congrats on the mention in the NYT..