Monday, June 25, 2007

Atlas of Floods Worldwide

Dartmouth College offers the World Atlas of Flooded Lands which maps floods from the 1990s to 2006. An interactive map menu allows one to zoom to regions of the world.

Another interactive map of the world allows one to view major flood events by year starting 1985. Additional information on the floods is available in tabular data. Do not forget to view the animated GIF maps the world, Southeast Asia and Australia, and Europe.


Anonymous said...

atlas of floods worldwide
a document that opens to many questions:
1. what's the data collection method? remote sensing? local data compilation? What does it implie to the homogeneity of the "world" cover?
2. finally, what's a flood? Is it a catastrophic and unusual event or the simple occurence of land covered by water? let's notice that depending on the ecosystems, this situation can be fairly normal: intertidal zones, swamps, mangroves... so what does this map show exactly? and what's the real purpose of this cartographic document? to show how much intertropical zones of the world are exposed to climatic disasters? can we extrapolate the determination of this famous tropical syndrom of poverty and underdevelopment by climatic conditions?
for me it's just another example of the dangerous duplicity of maps whithout notice...

Catholicgauze said...

1. (From the entry webpage) "The World Atlas of Flooded Lands illustrates river and coastal flooding observed by orbital remote sensing."

2. Archive notes and table information help answer these questions.