Wednesday, May 30, 2007

RCTV and the Loss of Freedom

Click to see video of RCTV's sign-off

The big news in Latin America is Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez's decision to close down RCTV, an opposition television station. Protests have broken out in Caracas as Chavez had order military to shoot rubber bullets at students and use armored vehicles in an effort to end the protests and riots.

As noted before while most of the world is moving in a neoliberal and globalized direction, Latin America is moving to the hard Left. Chavez and his ilk are nationalizing businesses, scaring away investors, and repressing their own citizens. Chavez is now moving against Globovision both with laws and thugs.

Fortunately it looks like many Venezuelans are feed up with Chavez having the legislature give him dictatorial powers, rewrite the constitution, have reeducation classes, flirt with having himself be a Protestant archbishop, and basically destroy the economical network of the country. Many human rights groups worldwide have condemned the move. Hopefully some good with come out of this.

A big question is where will the international socialists stand on the issue? Will they back the values of freedom which they claim to defend, or will they support their man?

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