Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Fifth Ocean? Part Two

Note: Catholicgauze is getting a head start on his thesis. I apologize for the temporary drop in quality of the posts. I hope to find the right balance between that and blogging very soon.

Following up on the investigation on the fifth ocean, the Southern Ocean, to see who recognizes it and who does not. For this post I decided to see what online mapping sites show.

Recognizes the Southern Ocean
Google Maps - has the Southern Ocean showing
The new Multimap - also has the fifth ocean

Does Not Recognize the Southern Ocean
Yahoo Maps
Local Live (or what ever the heck Microsoft calls their mapping site this week)
Ask.com Maps
MapQuest's World Atlas

So good job Google Maps and Multimap for keeping track not only of human geography but also physical geography!


Nygdan said...

The Southern Ocean has actually been recognized, I just came across a reference now, since at least 1893:


pdf page 238 (in text numbered page 230)

Talks explicitly about the Southern Ocean. I don't know when there was a 'decision' to 'officially' recognize it on maps, or if it fell out of use sometime after the above book or what though.

Interestingly enough, the preceding pages in that document also discuss other things that we tend to think of as more 'modern' (or at least I do), such as interhemispheric heat transport, climate system feedback, and even what is now called 'Milankovitch Cycles', and this decades before Milankovic himself started adressing the cycles (in breif, it's astronomic forcing of climate)

Love the blog, btw! Just came across that reference in some of my research and I was struck by the specific mention of the southern ocean and thought of your blog.

Catholicgauze said...

The Southern Ocean has long been found in maps and works of some, especially those of geographers from the Southern Hemisphere. But many people from the land above (Northern Hemisphere)did not recognize it until the 2000 agreement.