Sunday, May 27, 2007

Celestial Bodies as Art

One thing Catholicgauze loves about geography is its artistic side. While much of my studies are scientific or "soft science" like cultural work, I do love how landscapes make me feel. Being a religious man myself I feel that the landforms are the greatest art project ever. I believe God made the blank canvass and used scientific processes as his tools.

Well, enough on what Catholicgauze cannot prove and on to what has put me in such a good mood (and it is not the thesis).

NASA has several exhibits which feature beautiful satellite imagery of celestial bodies. The most extensive one is Our Earth as Art which can be browsed either by image or geographically on a map. It can even be downloaded as a Google Earth KML file.

The second on is Mars as Art. Pages of satellite and rover images show sand dunes, Valles Marinaris, polar ice caps, and much more.

Finally there is The Sun as Art. The 21 page PDF document showcases a wide range of looks at the sun both scientifically and artistically. Well worth the time to see a thingwe all take for granted in a new light.

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