Friday, April 06, 2007

Tax Burdens by State

With Income Tax Day coming on April 16 I think these maps may be of interest.

The Tax Foundation has released a report (PDF) which includes a map of local and state tax burdens by state. Three center cores of low-tax burdens exist. In the North Central part of the nation including the Dakotas, Montana, and Wyoming; the Interior South, and the Greater Texas area. New Hampshire is an unique outlier of New England as it the lone economically libertarian state in a sea of New England economic liberalism. On the plus side, Massachusetts is now moderate compared to most of its neighbors and it is no longer the Taxachusetts it once was.

The second map deals with Tax Freedom Day. This is the estimate date that it takes from January 1st just to work off the amount of taxes due. Once again Greater Texas and the the Interior South are places with low tax burdens. South Dakota is all that remains of the North Central core. Alaska manages to have an early date along with the lowest tax burden.

Finally, the Tax Foundation offers tax breakdowns by state. This offers a wealth of information of each state with local, state, and federal tax information.


subadei said...

On the plus side? LOL. Yeah as a Vermonter (#1) I'm definitely relieved! :)

At any rate I think you'd find a more verbose libertarian movement in VT.

Catholicgauze said...

The shame is that Vermont's libertarian movement apparently has no say in economic policy.