Sunday, April 15, 2007

Preparing for the AAG

Catholicgauze is all set to go to the Association of American Geographer's annual convention in San Francisco.

Here's Catholicgauze schedule so far:

Tuesday starting at 2:00 PM
Session 1466 "Military Geography and the Global War on Terror"
Room: Mendocino 2 - Hotel Nikko 2nd Floor
Catholicgauze will present his presentation "United Caliphates of Europe: A Geographical Look at Sharia Microstates"

Wednesday starting at 8:00 PM
Geography Bowl
Catholicgauze represents his region with several other teammates in a geographical trivia contest. Can his group, which won last year with different members, repeat? Or will the dreaded George Washington University team repeat?

Friday starting at 8:00 AM
Session 4138 "Spread the word: Podcasting, blogging and the New Media in Geography"
Room: Union Square 15, SF Hilton
Catholicgauze and other bloggers discuss the relationship between new media and geography. There will also be the oppurtunity to ask questions.

This is Catholicgauze's schedule so far. I fly out to San Francisco Monday. Let us all hope it will be a better event than the infamous "Bush League" convention of 2006 in Chicago. So no weather events from Hell, transportation systems from Hell, and no being called a homosexual (yeah, I do not understand it either) by a certain geography professor from Kent State.


Anonymous said...

I hope you and your teammates rule Geography Bowl. I have checked and the force is strong with you right now.

Czech Geographer said...

Hi, your blog is very interesting, greeetings from Prague.
BTW you can meet some geographers from Prague on AAG 07. :-)

Catholicgauze said...

Czech Geographer,

I'll put something on the message board at the hotel if you want to meet up.

Czech Geographer said...

Hi Catholicgauze,

I am now in Prague and I not going to San Francisco. :( Maybe i wrote it badly before.

However, some Czech geographers will be there, almost half of our faculty staff. If you want, you could meet them. I recomend you to see our urban geographers (Ludek Sykora e.g.), because they are going to present some information abou postcommunist Prague, and I think, that could be very interesting and inspirational for you. It is something else than cities in USA. (link)

greetings from Prague :)

Catholicgauze said...

Okay. I'll be sure to attend.

Anonymous said...

Dreaded George Washington team?? That is hardly a nice way to characterize my team...

Catholicgauze said...

All in good fun. Dread as the sense of awe and plus you GWUers are good. All the other teams set your team as the bench mark to beat.