Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easter Geography V: Holy Land During Christ Google Earth Map

This overlay is for Google Earth. It shows the Holy Land (aka Israel aka Judea aka Palestine) at the time of Jesus Christ and was taken from the Smith Bible Atlas. It can be directly download here for Google Earth or viewed online (or view the high-quality version of 3.1MB)

The legend is cut off so I will explain the colors:
  • Red is under direct Roman control. The center-piece is Judea which was governed by Pontius Pilate.
  • Light Red/Pink is also under direct Roman control. It is the land of Phoenicia.
  • Green is Philistia under Roman control. Once the land of the Philistines.
  • Gold is under the control of Herod Antipas. This includes Galilee and Perea.
  • Brown is Decapolis - a league of frontier Roman cities. It is one of the few areas where Jesus went where Jews were in the minority

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