Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Climate Change and Hurricanes Brief Update

Remember during Hurricane Katrina's aftermath everyone from National Geographic to the New York Times were saying that global warming was causing super hurricanes by heating up the Gulf of Mexico? National Geographic even came out with a cover story saying that 2006 would be the worst year yet on Hurricanes and it only get worse (2006 was below average).

The latest is that global warming may cause a massive decrease in hurricanes. This along with "Global Warming moderates extremes, global warming causes extremes" hypocrisy just shows that we do not fully comprehend what is going on and what can occur in the future. Keep the debates and studies rolling!


Anonymous said...

Before calling the 2006 hurricane season below average, one might want to consider a larger region than the Atlantic.

"In 2005 there were 17 storms in the Eastern Pacific, while in 2006 there were 25 storms..."

That said, hurricane prediction is hardly an exact science and you are quite right that more studies are needed.

cokaygne said...

It is well established that the earth, as a whole, has gotten warmer in recent decades. There is a correlation between that warming and CO2 emissions. Those two facts make a strong case for limiting emissions and mitigating the harmful effects of warming. Problems arise when "watermelon" (green on the outside all red inside) environmentalists hitch a ride on the issue and use it to advance their control of the world's economy. To make their case they seize upon every piece of bad weather news and imply that more of the same will occur unless we mortals surrender control to those who know best.

subadei said...

Catholicgauze and his GRL ilk will of course turn themselves in to the nearest Grand Enviro-Inquisitor for immediate admission of sin. Heretic!:)


Problems have arisen further from my perspective as the GW institution has effectively drowned out other very obvious forms of ecological decimation. Shrinking wetlands in America, shrinking rainforest in Brazil, desertification in Africa, phosphorous run off suffocating rivers, etc. These are all very apparent situations that aren't based on computer models but on hard evidence. All are essentially lost in the frenetic, top down screaming about global warming.

Catholicgauze said...

Great point Subadei! Very real problems both human and environmental like the sinking of Louisiana have been completely overlooked while everyone focuses solely on climate change.