Friday, March 16, 2007

Juicy Geography: Help with Teaching Geography

With Catholicgauze and the other members of the quadumvirate (let us all hope for a happier ending than the one the two triumvirates had) being educational I decided to look around for other resources for teachers. Well apparently everyone but I knows about Juicy Geography but I will still point it out for others who are interested.

Juicy Geography is partially-user driven website in which teachers can share ideas on how to teach geography in class. Lesson plans and other ideas using Google Earth, GIS, or just plain paper are available for free. Field work examples, geography games, hands-on projects are other things one can check out. If you have your own ideas you can even share them with the rest.

Is the internet not a grand place for geography to spread and grow?

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raghu said...

hi all this is raghu
i have gone through this site i have got the total information from this site. recently i had gone through an another site which is relevant to this site in this site we can download the google earth and it helps us to view the earth on our PC to get some more information click here