Friday, March 23, 2007

Iran kidnaps British armed forces

15 British sailors and marines have been kidnapped by Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The Brits were doing a standard boarding and check operation on a freighter vessel in Iraqi waters when they were surrounded by fast attack boats belonging to Iran. Without a shot the Iranians removed the British sailors and took them into Iranian waters. The current location of the navy personal is unknown.

The sailors were seized near the Shatt al-Arab which has long been in dispute by Iran and Iraq but internationally recognized as Iraqi.

There are several ways to read this incident on a immediate basis. It could have been a setup where the Iranians had been hoping a ship would boarded and sprung the trap when the Brits boarded a vessel. Or the freighter could have been carrying supplies for Shia insurgents. When the vessel was being boarded the Iranians may have decided the contents were worth protecting and launched their ambush on the sailors.

This is the second time British sailors have been kidnapped by Iran. In 2004, eight British sailors were captured then released. It has been rumored that Iranian President Ahmadinejad wanted to kidnap Coalition troops ever since Brigadier General Ali Reza Asgari defected to the west


Anonymous said...

At some time we have to stand up to them. give them back or nuke em

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else get the feeling the Iran is just looking for trouble here. We know they hate the West, but they keep hiding behind the U.N.(China and Russia) who will support them against the U.S. We were able to go into Iraq, now its time to go into Iran. Yes, war will be bad, with many casualties, etc, but when a rougue nation such as Iran keeps on asking for it, we need to give it to them. We all know they are on track to develop nuclear weapons, regardless of what they claim. I think, the world need to get a spine and stand up to these guys. How much longer are we going to put up with this?

Catholicgauze said...

It seems like Iran is puffing its chest trying to seem big. We need to continue to boost insurgents in Iran ( and support those in the cities who oppose the regime. Most Iranians are nationalistic. Most of those either are neutral to the US or even have some positive feelings towards America. Iran was once a powerful ally, we should help it return to that state.

Eddie said...

I fear a similar set-up for American sailors performing boarding missions... or insurgents sponsored by Iran overrunning one of those small American outposts recently set up in Baghdad.