Thursday, March 08, 2007

Geography of Denial

Countries which outlaw Holocaust Denial

I generally live by the rule of "believe what you want, just do not be a jerk about it." There is one belief that I cannot stand; however: Holocaust denial. Those who deny such a great crime against humanity, 6 million Jews and 5 million others, that has been so well documented just shocks me. It is not based on any reason but hatred towards Jews or other groups like Roma.

So instead of complaining some more I decided to do what I do best: geography. I have created a map where Holocaust denial is illegal (while I do not advocate criminalizing Holocaust denial I shed no tear). Wikipeida has a good chart on the punishment for denial in the various countries.

Only one two governments openly state the Holocaust never happened. Iran and the Hamas government of Palestine have at various times referenced the "so-called Holocaust." Besides governments many unofficial and semi-official branches of Arab governments continue to deny the Holocaust. These denials are aimed at trying to deligitimize Israel.

A weird love/hate relationship has devloped between Arabs and Nazism. On the one hand many Arabs will state Nazis were not that bad and/or the Jews had it coming. Mein Kampf continues to be a best seller in many Arab countries. However, when protesting Israel the same Arabs will say Israel is acting like the Nazis.

Elsewhere governments continue denials on other genocides. Turkey denies the extent of the Armenian, Pontus, and Assyrian genocides. Japan also refuses to recognize atrocities committed in occupy China during World War II. These denials are also due to modern-day political issues.

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it...


Nygdan said...

It might be interesting to create maps the deal with holocaust laws, denial, apologies, or even just recognition, and include the Turk perpetrated genocides and others in that.

lalage said...

In Portuguese Constitution all ideologies that are against Democracy are banned. We have some people in court of law because of Nazi's sympathy. So, in Portugal we don't have Holocaust denial!