Thursday, March 22, 2007

Europe on a Suicide Path

Earlier I wrote how Europe must curb discrimination. But towards the end I warned Europeans must preserve their own cultural legacy while integrating in new arrivals.

Case in point, a German judge ruled wife abuse is legal in Germany (Hat tip: LGF). The ruling was not based on German Basic Law (the constitution) which has rules about human dignity. Instead the judge ruled the Koran allowed wife abuse and the Koran applied to Germans.

Roman law lasted well after the fall of Rome and became the foundation for most of Continental Europe's legal systems. Greco-Roman culture became the basis of Western civilization. The color of "Europeans" has been constantly changing since the dawn of time. All these groups eventually exchanged ideas and integrated. However, now Europeans are encountered a group which seeks to replace everything Europe stands for.

Can the torchbearers of Western civilization withstand a direct assault on their beliefs? Or will they merely just roll over?

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Dan tdaxp said...

Very disturbing. Germany doesn't have common law, I believe, but this is nonetheless a sign of weakness.

Sharia is the only force I know of that has been able to uproot European laws -- from the old Roman codes to (here and now, apparently) German basic law.

A bad sign.