Monday, February 19, 2007

The Latest on Female Infanticide in India

Up to 10 million girls have been slaughtered by"female infanticide" or the selective abortion of girls. In India it has been estimated 500,000 girls a year are aborted solely because they were female. The reason of this sexocide is because having a girl means a traditional family must give a dowry to marry the "burden" off.

India passed a law in 1994 banning the abortion of girls solely because of the gender and the practice of determining gender before birth. However, a black market of abortion and gender determination continues on. In an effort to stem the tide the Indian government is initiating a "Baby Moses"-style system where babies can be deposited at cradles and given to other families.

Demographic shifts to one gender are dangerous. With no one to marry a large section of the male population will become frustrated and restless. Some may join the army while others may seek more radical ways to vent anger.

For more information check out the Crusade Against Female Infanticide

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Andrew Lehman said...

India and Asian cultures killing its female infants has everything to do with it highly patrifocal social structure. Visit for details on how female infanticide contributes to a highly stratified, stable culture. Female infanticide achieves goals. Understanding what it achieves provides an opportunity to stop it.