Sunday, February 11, 2007

Keep Praying

News is coming in very slowly. The news that does reach me is not good.

On Friday I got a letter from him. All it was a note which said "Try to enjoy the weekend," and it had $20 enclosed. I was actually looking forward to next weekend when dad and the rest of the family were coming to visit me. Hotel reservations were made and I was planning on doing a quick pickup before they arrived. Friday night Dad and Mom called. It ended with dad saying "we'll check up on you tomorrow." No call ever came.

This evening I was complaining to my brother about the bad week I had (I really gave people more crap then I received though) when the words appeared on the screen which turned my life upside down, "Dad had a heart attack."

Don't go Dad. I love you. Your my friend. I screwed up too many times but you were always there. I saved your letters to me. Letters to me here and when I was in DC. Most of them said "Have a good weekend" and were enclosed with money I spent too frivolously. Please don't leave me. We have to go back on the Oregon Trail together. We have to go to the minor league baseball games together, opening day is coming soon! You have to help me move the lamps which you bought me that I barely use. You are suppose to use the coffee machine you bought so next time you can get your morning fix when you visit me.

I'm sorry readers. But geography is going on the back burner for a short while.

God, please let him live.


Natalie said...

You know I'm praying for you and your family, CG.

subadei said...

My strength to you, friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy,
Your dad will be just fine. Dont for once loose hope. Just remember that you have friends right here who care and love you very much. If you need anything, and I mean absolutely anything, we are right here for you. My prayers are with you. Stay strong. Sumo.

torgo jr. said...

we love you, big guy.

Anonymous said...

Patrick i feel your pain. I lost me brother suddenly to a car accident in 2005. It is the worse thing that life can toss at you. Feel the gratitude for evey second you have, life is so precious. Tell him you love him. I never had that chance. I never did and I regeet it so much.I pulling for you father, its not fair. Ive been there so please call me. If you need support.

Ron Trimper

Judd said...

Patrick, my prayers go to you and your father. Stay strong and know that you have our support.