Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ignorance, the Ultimate Enemy

Catholicgauze has a cardinal rule. The rule is "Believe whatever you want to believe, just don't be a jerk about it." The rule has worked spectacularly. Many people who I work with have very different political and other ideas than me but we all get along well because we are not jerks to one another. So Catholicgauze tries to be a teddy bear when it comes to other views. However, sometimes I go Ayn Rand-style on those who wish to be jerks (Actually, usually I just sit there and take it but in the blogosphere I can dish it right back out).

Catholicgauze received a comment about my IPCC post. Here is the comment in full:

I dont even know where to begin. Global warming is taking place people. Get it into your dense heads. The vast majority of the scientific community recognize this. The only ones who dont are the likes of Bjorn Lomborg, Bush and oil companies. Science cannot be 100% sure in many issues, however it can offer a far better answer than anything else. So when scientists say that Global Warming is human caused with 90% surity, I would like for someone to provide scientific data to dispute that rather than say no for god knows what reason. Statisticians (not true environmental scientists) like Lomborg might dispute this, but the vast majority of scientists (and we're not talking 51% here) have for the most part discredited him. How can we fix a problem when we have people who do not even recognize it exists. To me personally, not recognizing that global warming is happening due to human activity is just as ludicrous as sounding like the Iranian president who denies the Jewish holocaust ever happened. In both cases the nay sayers are a minority, but the sheer ignorance still exists. It is of no surprise that the nay sayers use scientific data that in most cases is produced by SCIENTISTS who are hired by oil companies because of a vested interest. What vested interests would environmental researchers have other than to speak the truth. If global warming was not happening, then they would find another research topic to work on. But for oil companies, they have to protect their source of income until it runs out. Probably then will they recognize that, 'oh shit, global warming does really exist.' In conclusion, I recognize that the scientists might be wrong, however, the chances of that wrong are slim to none. If they happen to be wrong in the future, what is the worse thing that would have happened, other than us protecting mother earth for a bit longer. If they are right and we dont take action, the worse thing that can happen is that we really get screwed. Finally, I have to agree that China and India have to sign deals to reduce emissions. So far, they have been reluctant to sign the Kyoto Protocol just like the U.S. However, for the U.S. to use that as an excuse for not signing the protocol is simply childish. I will not do it because you will not do it. The U.S. is the single biggest contributor to CO2 emissions (25-30%). India and China dont even come close although they support 8 times the population the U.S. does. If the U.S. wants to be a true global leader (not just military), I suggest we start acting more responsibly. So if the nay sayers still want to deny what is most likely happening to the environment, no amount of logic can make sense to them.

Anonymous, here is my rebuttal:
  • Catholicgauze recognizes climate change and the current warming trend. Please read the post next time before you comment.
  • If you read the Skeptical Environmentalist you would know that Lomborg believes in partially human caused global warming.
  • President Bush has laid out his plan for global warming in the State of the Union Address
  • Are the Oil Companies this generation's Jews? So is Catholicgauze in the oil company pay? If so where is my check. Are university professors I linked to working for oil companies? Is Harm de Blij in their pocket too?
  • As for recognizing scientists may be wrong, did you not just equate that too denying the Holocaust? You just Goodwin your comment!
  • The People Republic of China and India have signed and ratified the Kyoto Protocol. They are exempt from making any changes and therefore nothing has changed.
  • The total greenhouse gas emissions from China were about 54% of the USA emissions. They are on course pass the US in less than three years!
  • By the way, China has slightly 4 times the population. (Petty I know, but it just adds to the list of being wrong.

So how can I diagnose this? The anonymous is a drone made by a machine which hypes global warming. There is nothing wrong with believing global warming and trying to come up with potential solutions and adaptations. However, too many like Robert Christopherson and Heidi Cullen and this anonymous attack anyone with slightly different views in the same style religious fundamentalists do.

Catholicgauze may believe this temperature swing is mostly natural but also believes not coming up with plans for adaptation would be one of the stupidest things humanity has ever done. I read articles and works written by all sides and make decision from there. Anonymous; however, does not read opposing literature and seeks to mock and destroy anything which does not fit into their dogmatic beliefs.

So Anonymous, I encourage you to reply again. If you want more information I will be glad to offer my services. Just remember to keep an open mind.


aaron said...
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Catholicgauze said...

Repost of Aaron's comment edited...

"I am consistently entertained that you bloggers can be so intelligent, yet have simply atrocious grammar."