Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Catholicgauze's Religion

You scored as Neo-Conservative Catholic. You see that the government of the United States was originally founded on recognizably Catholic natural law principles and reason in the tradition of Saint Thomas Aquinas, and the freedom of religion acknowledged in the Constitution has allowed Catholicism to flourish in this largely Protestant country. You recognize that the American system of government, even with its faults, is the most moral social order developed in history. You are committed to being a Catholic active in society.

Like the Liberal Catholic, your views might be too determined by American culture, and you may uncritically accept many theories that may be harmful to yourself and society; instead you may need rediscover traditional Catholic teaching. You should emphasize the love of your neighbor, especially love for the poor, in your everyday business dealings. - Rome of the West

Neo-Conservative Catholic


Traditional Catholic


New Catholic


Evangelical Catholic


Radical Catholic


Lukewarm Catholic


Liberal Catholic


What is your style of American Catholicism?
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I think this is pretty accurate. I align with blogs like The Cafeteria is Closed and American Papist. (Hat tip: All2Common)


Dan tdaxp said...


"You scored as New Catholic.

The years following the Second Vatican Council was a time of collapse of the Catholic faith and its traditions. But you are a young person who has rediscovered this lost faith, probably due to the evangelization of Pope John Paul II. You are enthusiastic, refreshing, and somewhat traditional, and you may be considering a vocation to the priesthood or religious life. You reject relativism and the decline in society that you see among your peers. You are seen as being good for the Church. A possible problem is that you may have a too narrow a view of orthodoxy, and anyway, you are still a youth and not yet mature in your faith.

New Catholic 76%

Neo-Conservative Catholic 67%

Traditional Catholic 52%

Evangelical Catholic 52%

Lukewarm Catholic 52%

Radical Catholic 28%

Liberal Catholic 26%"

natalie said...

I scored a New Catholic, but I toe the line between it and Liberal Catholic.

New Catholic 59%
Liberal Catholic 57%
Evangelical Catholic 36%
Neo-Conservative Catholic 29%
Radical Catholic 26%
Traditional Catholic 21%
Lukewarm Catholic 19%

I find parts of the description (quoted by Dan, above) to be fairly accurate; other parts not so much.