Friday, January 05, 2007

Trouble in Mexico

While the Mexican "civil war" did not occur, President Calderon has insurrection and microstates to battle.

In the southern state of Oaxaca what was once a teacher's strike turned into a micro-revolution by the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO). Federal troops had to enter Oaxaca and support actions by police loyal to the governor.

The situation in the north is just as dire. For a while now much of the border region has been in control of Mexican drug lords who crave out their own little feudal lands. They even had sway over the military in the region. Calderon in response has order over 3,000 Mexican army soldiers into Tijuana to reclaim it for the Mexican government. The police have been partially disarmed due to fears of loyalty to the cartels.

The inability of the Mexican government to control its own lands is a dangerous threat. Rogue and cartel-controlled Mexican forces have repeatedly enter the United States. Recently National Guard troops were overrun by Mexican gunmen.

There are fears Mexico could become the next Columbia. With its proximity to the United States: demographics, economics, and politics of both countries are linked and would suffer horribly if this comes to pass.

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