Monday, January 08, 2007

2006 State of GTWC! Address

From January 8, 2006 to January 7, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, I address you on the first anniversary of the launch of Geographic Travels with Catholicgauze! And ladies and gentlemen, my address is one of success!

Brief Rundown
The very first post dealt with one picture of a North Korean "traffic jam" with interpretation. From there the blog has expanded into geopolitics, physical geography, travel, migration of ancestors, and so much more. From one blog to several to many Catholicgauze has manged to befriend compatriots who also enjoy the art and science of geography.

Hurdles to Cross
The primary enemy of Catholicgauze is my own laziness. The online mapping site needs to be finished. I also promise relatively quick finish of the Oregon Trail saga.

As for external hurdles progress is being made. no longer blacklists Catholicgauze! And we now have a troll! Yes, GTWC! is so important to someone that they seek pleasure from pain and try to taunt Catholicgauze. Mission success!

What is to Come
While I will continue the wide range of post subjects one thing I want to increase is regional geography. A taste of what that means is the recent posts on religious-majority oddities.

Closing Remarks
I just want to thank all my loyal readers who make blogging worth while!

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