Monday, December 11, 2006

Silvestre Reyes needs a Catholicgauze

"Dude's got maps, a treasure trove. Geography has never been more important, henceforth, read his blog or miss out and regret the day you confuse where the Shia and Sunni live."
-Short description of GTWC! by Eddie of Live from the FDNF

Rep. Silvestre Reyes (Democrat-Texas) needs a Catholicgauze. And by a "Catholicgauze" I mean a geographer. Reyes, the soon to be head of the House Intelligence Committee, was asked by CNN an "easy intel quiz." Reyes failed miserably. When asked if al Qaeda was Sunni or Shia he replied "they are probably both" but stuck his head out even further to say "Predominantly -- probably Shiite." al Qaeda, which focuses most of its time not killing Jews or Christians but Shiite Muslims would be shocked by this stupidity. To add insult to injury Reyes could not comment on Hezbollah and Lebanon. (Stories here)

Reyes will be in charge (directly and indirectly) with foreign policy and funding and he does not know what is going on in the world. Stupidity on both parities has gone too far. Catholicgauze announces candidacy to the United States House of Representatives under the "Americans for Catholicgauze" banner! My platform calls for "Greater Geographical Education, Anti-Stupidity, and Revenge Upon Mein Enemies!" Either that, or the government should hire more geographers!


Daniel said...

But he was still a better pick than Alcee Hastings.

* heh *

If you can believe it, Tom Barnett thought Pelosi would choose Jane Harman as chairwoman.

Anonymous said...

If Fish and Humans can coexist in peace, and if your working hard to put food on your family, then Al Qaeda can be Sunni. Why nooot (like Borat would say):-)