Sunday, December 17, 2006

Random Catholicgauze Thoughts

There is a downside to falling asleep at 7 pm due being extremely tired after a long drive. The downside is waking up at 11 pm praying and thinking its close to dawn.

My 2006 Geography Cup post has been receiving many hits due to recent media attention from the likes of Reuters. All this has managed to attract geographical semi-literate American players which has manage to drive down the United States' score. Oh well.

On the drive back I found another mural along the Oregon Trail due solely to the advice recieved from one loyal reader who shall forever be known as "the great one." Is my nose brown enough yet? I will post on that soon in the Oregon Trail section.

Catholicgauze is Time Magazine's person of the year! It has been decided all of Catholicgauze's readers are people of the year, too! We share the honor with the a bunch of other people. Congrats!

Now it is time to sleep


Tony Cassidy said...

I've struggled to get on the site in the last week. Go UK!

Nicholas said...

Congratulations! We are quite impressive, are we not?