Saturday, December 16, 2006

Map of Polonium in London

Ever read a good Tom Clancy novel or other type of spy novel and think "wow, these guys are good at spycraft?" Well that was the old KGB. The old KGB could kill a person and make it look like a natural heart attack. The new KGB goes and poison half of Europe with a rare element mostly found only in Russia. Smooth going guys.

Platial has an interactive map of the poisonings in London. Each site is marked giving a tidbit of information. Catholicgauze learned from the map that Alexander Litvinenko, the ex-spy turned victim turned death bed convert to Chechen-style Islam, is buried at Highgate Cemetery. He shares the yard with Karl Marx, author Douglas Adams, and a vampire. Now that is something Clancy could not top.

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Tony Cassidy said...

Nice post and what is worrying is that they just keep on coming...