Monday, December 04, 2006

Lebanon: Lines Drawn and Violence Beginning

The lines have been drawn. Supporting democratic pluralism is the loose confederation of Christians, Druze, and Sunni Muslims commonly referred to as the March 14th Movement. The movement is control of some parts of the government and desires more reforms in Lebanon.

On the other side, supported by Syria and Iran, are Hezbollah, its quasi-friend/quasi-rival Shia Amal "Hope" Movement Militia, and the anti-Syrian yet even more of an opportunist Christian Free Patriotic Movement under the command of former general, president, and prime minister Michel Aoun. This axis seeks to bring down the government and replace it with a Hezbollah and Syrian-friendly government.

Things were going typically for a while. Hezbollah held its protests against the government and started camping in front of government bulidings. In the city of Tripoli Sunnis held an anti-Hezbollah protest and honored the memory of Pierre Amine Gemayel, the Christian's whose assassination started the latest flames.

The turn towards the horrible occurred earlier on Sunday. Street fights are breaking out all over Beirut. So far it seems to be contained fighting between gangs and Hezbollah-loyalty militias. One was killed when 300 Hezbollah gangsters entered a Christian neighborhood looking for one anti-Hezbollah Syrian. Catholicgauze has been searching forums and other sources and there are rumors (just rumors so far) that Lebanese Forces, the ex-militia now political party with a bunch of guns lying around, will defend against any further incursions by Hezbollah.

The goals of both camps are well known. The March 14th Movement wishes to globalize Lebanon and make/return it to a "western" country. Hezbollah, while more modern than the Wahhabi Sunni terrorist groups like al Qaeda, seeks to create an Islamic state by replacing Lebanon. They fought a war against Israel and may be preparing for another one. Can the Arab Spring thrive or will the fruit be trampled upon?

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Anonymous said...

You know little about what is happenign in Lebanon, and you christian-fascist writing is not helping.

Daniel said...

Michael Aoun betrayed us again!

Never trust a...

Catholicgauze said...

Where am I wrong? Fascism is bad news. That's why I support a democratic republic!