Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Harm de Blij on YouTube

One of the reasons I began blogging was because of Harm de Blij. He has been a man who's Dutch-accented voice can inspire geographers to show the world the wonders of geography. Well, now it is possible for you to enjoy some of his works via YouTube. Parts of his presentation to Texas State University are viewable online. Among the topics discussed are geography in the twentieth-century, climate change, and plate tectonics. Enjoy!

Below is the excellent short on why Harm de Blij became a geographer

(Hat Tip: Radical Geography)

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Eddie said...

Sweet.... now if only I could have watched that at work (stupid Navy IT rules on Youtube & Blogs)... I may not have been forced to watch the abomination that was Jets & Dolphins on Christmas night while on duty...