Thursday, December 14, 2006

Catholicgauze Open Thread

Since it is working for TDAXP, Catholicgauze is holding an open thread. Want to comment on posts or the direction of GTWC!? Go ahead? Want more map posts? More online geography? Should Catholicgauze take his horrible political bias and die in a fire? All is fair! Just drop a comment and let me know!

1 comment:

Eddie said...

I appreciate the blog "as is", because you do something I utterly cannot but greatly appreciate; you mix detailed posts that educate and make one think with posts that are comedic and informal.

I appreciate the online maps and geography, but your political and cultural geography posts are my favorite because you often tackle subjects (i.e. "The New Christendom") many do not.

I just wish I wasn't working 14-15 hours a day so I could comment more and read more of the posts.

Open thread is a cool idea anyway, make it a monthly